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About the Artist

Fiona has been painting and drawing most of her life. Selling paintings at the Ann Arbor Art Fair both began her career in college and helped fund part of her education. Fiona has since exhibited and sold her work in museums, galleries, art fairs, and has often done commission work. She also cofounded a non-profit art gallery and has given volunteer time to help with many causes.

Fiona has a very diverse background. She was widely recognized for her work as a Museum Curator, transforming an aging lighthouse into a first class museum. She also taught environmental education, natural history and art, inspiring young people and adults with her classes, interpretative tours and lectures. Her love of the natural world and art led to a degree in Environmental Science and a job at a Nature Center where she worked as a naturalist / educator. There, she conducted many diverse programs including work with disabled and handicap individuals. She also rehabilitated injured wild life, painted educational murals, and created interactive exhibits.

Fiona also has a professional therapy background working with inner city children and women at a domestic violence shelter. There she covered a broad spectrum of issues including healing physical abuse, eating disorders, suicide prevention and addiction recovery. As this area of Fiona's professional life unfolded, she also attainted certification in Physical Therapy Assistance, psychology, medical massage therapy, body healing modalities and holistic healing processes and therapies.

Recently Fiona has been constructing natural material weavings as part of her continued exploration of her artistic responce to the natural world where she feels most at home.


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