Photos by Stephen Johnson.

Earth Day Celebration for Mori Point
April 21, 2001

For microbes, flowers, snakes, hawks, humans and a myriad of other species, land is a treasure. Earth Day 2001, like every Earth Day before it, celebrates this simple truth. This year, the Pacifica community - and the rest of the planet - had cause to celebrate the acquisition of Mori Point, one of the most spectacular pieces of land in our region.

The PLT was happy that it could help bring Mori Point into permanent open space protection, and we were also happy that we helped the people of Pacifica to make this possible. It is called mutualism and synergy - the way the world works at its best.

The PLT Mori Point celebration on April 21 was for all of Earth's creatures. It is a celebration for everyone who is, was, or will become part of Mori Point's future as place, park, and habitat for living things.





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