Pacifica State Beach San Pedro Creek Project

On August 12, 2001 Mike Vasey, President of the Pacifica Land Trust, signed the final contract for the purchase of a 1.1-acre parcel of beach front property along Linda Mar Beach. The property represents half of a 2.2 acre parcel owned by Mr. Robert Mahoney that stretches from the mouth of San Pedro Creek north to the Taco Bell. The acquisition of the land was made possible through the help of Scott Holmes of the City of Pacifica, the cooperation of Mr. Mahoney, and the generous support of Prentice Williams and Nadine Hitchcock of the Coastal Conservancy who contributed the purchase price of $1.1 million dollars. The goal of the PLT is to contribute the 1.1 acres to the State Parks System to enlarge Pacifica State Beach.
The PLT, City of Pacifica and State Parks plan to remove a house from the property and then restore the beach to its native state. All debris including concrete, telephone poles and reinforcing steel will be removed and the dune area landscaped in native plants.

In recent years Pacifica State Beach, also known as Linda Mar Beach, has become increasingly popular. People from all over San Mateo and San Francisco counties and from as far away as Santa Rosa and Sacramento are showing up on sunny weekends to take advantage of one of the best and safest beaches along the Central Coast. As a consequence, the carrying capacity of the beach at times is nearly exhausted. Space is at a premium and the Snowy Plover habitat in the north dunes is coming under increasing pressure. The addition to Pacifica State Beach of the newly purchased property by the PLT represents a desperately needed expansion of the beach.

It will also protect the mid-region of the beach from future development, eliminate the need for future sea-walls to prevent flooding of existing homes and protect the mouth of San Pedro Creek and the Steelhead fishery.

Photographs by Stephen Johnson
San Pedro Creek at Pacifica State Beach

Restored Beach 2004

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