Pedro Point Headlands
Learning Station 3

•One can see the distinct difference between the more moist coastal scrub on the north slope south of the trail versus the more dry coastal scrub north of the trail.  The dense vegetation south of the trail inhibited its use by motorcyles, however, the north site vegetation was more sparse and vulnerable.

•Motorcycle trails caused extensive soil erosion down to bedrock. Erosion control and revegetation is underway trying different techniques to restore this site.

•Both the moist and dry coastal scrub provides habitat for many resident species, such as wren tits, white crowned sparrows, Bewick’s wrens, western fence lizards, and many rodents.  Hawks, bobcats, gray fox, and other species prey on these species.  Coastal scrub is also rich with many different native plant species.

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Last updated - May 8, 2013
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